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Female Genital

Clitorial Hood Ring VCH Cuff Bar Hinged Jewelry Vertical Stainless Steel Rose Gold Yellow Black Titanium Piercing Jewellry 14 gauge 14g


Super classy look with our cuff clit bar!
Material: stainless steel, gold titanium, rose gold titanium, black titanium
Gauge: 14
This piece is hinged with a snap in bar.

The curved bar is 3/8 inch
How do I know what size to buy?
Industry standards for a vch piercing are 14 gauge so I would pick that. For the length it can vary but the average is 1/2 inch.
Even better if you have the bar you were pierced with. It's normal to be pierced with a bar a bit longer than you actually need so if you think you'd like to go a bit shorter then measure your bar and work it from that measurement. When you measure do not include the balls (or space the balls take up) in the length, measure only the bar.
Does it matter if what type of bar I use (straight or curved)?
No, neither has any adverse affect on your piercing.

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