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Our daith products within this category are specifically selected for maximum benefits to relieve migraines/headaches. There are other daith jewelry pieces on the site but those are not specific for migraines so if you are looking for a piece that will work please stay in this category.  Not all hoops are made the same so our selection is based on them having the correct curvature.  It's not the diameter or gauge that matters, it's how it's put together to get the right curve.  If you want a really small piece then go for one that is 6 to 7 mm, average size is 8 mm and for those that want it to show more select 9 to 10 mm or for it to reach down inside your conch area choose 11 to 12 mm.  Some have a straight bar but have the correct weight to apply the right amount of pressure on the piercing.  It is not the gauge that matters. I wear one that is 20 gauge. This is fairly thin but here again we can't emphasize enough that it's about the curve or weight, not the gauge so if you are looking for something very subtle pick 20 gauge or even 18 gauge.  Remember, the higher the gauge number the thinner the hoop/bar is.  Most seem to prefer the look of 16 gauge but that's all about personal preference.  The gauge will appear as 16g, 18g, 20g instead of the word "gauge".