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Nipple Piercings

This piercing can take a few months to heal.  The length of time depends on a few things.  Sleeping on it or changing your barbell too soon will slow it down considerably.  Once you stop seeing “crusties” and discharge gathering around your piercing for a few days in a row it is usually considered healed but if you find that changing the jewelry hurts it probably still needs a few more weeks.  The following instructions apply until the piercing is healed.

One of the most common concerns is infection and it should be.  You need to keep it clean!  Twice daily washing with an unscented soap (brand doesn't matter) and using sea salts twice a day is important.  We will give you your sea salts.  Please follow the instructions on the tag inside the baggie.   Please stay out of public pools, jacuzzies and hot tubs until this piercing is healed. Lakes, oceans and backyard pools are fine.  Mouth bacteria does not mix well with this piercing and is the number one cause of infection.  The only area that you should ever feel discomfort is the direct piercing.  Any other constant pain is a warning sign so please see your doctor should you feel pain anywhere other than the immediate piercing area.  Even then, the immediate area is only a mild irritation.  Most find that wearing a sports bra is the most comfortable because there is very little movement of the barbell.  

Please do not change your barbell until your piercing is healed.  

Some have metal sensitivities with this piercing.  We use a high grade of steel (316L surgical steel).  Anything less than this grade is not good enough.  Please be sure to ask your piercer what grade of steel they are using.  We also have pure titanium on request (there s an additional charge for this).

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