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Female genital piercings

Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH)

To listen to some chatting about this piercing please see the link below.

   This piercing should be done with a straight or curved 14 gauge barbell.  You can ask for a hoop but your chances of ripping your hood increase.  Anything thinner than 14 gauge is not acceptable as it will act like a razor likely ripping your tissue during healing.  Once it's healed you can use 16 gauge as well but don't go any thinner.  The top ball of the barbell should be at the very top of your hood.  Because of this, your piercer needs to go deep into your hood so they should be using a receiving tube to catch the needle.  If they are using a clamp they will not get high enough.  Using a clamp is a sign of an inexperienced piercer so move on and find someone that knows how to do it right.  You can expect a quick pinch that won't tickle but it is quick.  Just make sure you take a deep breath and exhale when the piercer tells you they are good to go.  It's not as bad as it sounds but it's sudden.

   Cleaning is simple and should be.  We women have great bacteria so healing is fast and our bodies know well how to deal with it.  Mild soap (soap without perfumes) and water is all you need for cleaning...twice a day for 2 weeks and then once a day for a couple of weeks.   You shouldn't have any pain while this is healing unless you've done a no no.  That no no is about your sexual positions.  For the next 4 weeks you need to avoid any position where you can feel the barbell being pushed on.  These positions can cause excess swelling and possibly rip your piercing.  Once it's healed you can do as you like.

   The barbell used for your piercing is for healing purposes only.  It's not intended to give you the stimulation you are looking for.  What you need to do, once it's healed is to figure out where you want the bottom ball to be sitting.  Ideally it would sit right on your clit.  Ask your piercer what length barbell they have used and then you can figure it out from there or you can take a ruler and measure it yourself.  There are several types of jewelry you can use in this piercing.  We carry a selection that are female friendly with rounded edges to prevent irritation.  Careful what you buy, some can cause a fair bit of pain and injury because the hood tissue and it's surroundings can tare with the wrong piece.

This is what your VCH should look like 





Horizontal Hood

   This piercing is mostly for looks verses the VCH that should give you some stimulation.  Your piercer should be using either a straight 14 gauge barbell or a 14 gauge captive (hoop).  Any gauge thinner than this is not acceptable and will likely rip your tissue.  Your piercer should use a clamp to stabilize the tissue....if they do not they are possibly going to loose some control.  You will feel a sudden pinch so take a deep breath when the piercer tells you they are good to go.  

   Cleaning for this piercing is simple.  A mild wash with soap and water (unscented) twice a day for 3 weeks should do it.  Once a day after that.  This should be painless to heal but if you feel some pinching it's likely that your underwear is catching on it so figure out what underwear works best for you.  Jewelry for this can be a captive, curved barbell, straight barbell.....use your imagination.  I like these for the horizontal

Horizontal done correctly 


Christina piercing

   This is considered a surface piercing so the rejection rate is high if not properly cared for.  Looks great but may not last you long.  The continuous rubbing against clothing is the biggest perpetrator for rejection so be sure not to wear things that put a lot of pressure on the piercing.  This is the more painful of all the female genital piercings and takes around  4 months to heal. That being said, it's not all that painful (comparable to a belly piercing)  It should be done with either a surface barbell or curved barbell.  Your piercer will decide which is best based on your anatomy.  Straight barbells and hoops create too much tension on the tissue which enables and speeds up rejection.  Keeping it super clean will help it heal faster.  Mild soap (unscented) and water followed up with a qtip of sea salts is the best way to clean it......twice a day.  I do these without a clamp so I can get the depth I want but some piercers will use a clamp.  If you already have a tendency towards rejection I would suggest you consider a dermal ......the reject rate and care is much better!  Picking out jewelry for the Christina should be a curved barbell or surface barbell....anything else will cause too much pressure on the piercing and make it reject. You will find that most VCH jewelry is suitable for this piercing as long as you don't go for ones that have a large dangle on them.

Christina pic




Inner Labia

This piercing can be done with either a hoop, horseshoe or straight barbell.  Expect to feel a pinch.  It should be done in 14 gauge.....anything thinner will rip the tissue.  The care for this is simple.  Just keep it clean with unscented soap twice daily.  Having poor fitting jewelry can also cause ripping so make sure you are wearing a size right for you.  Usually, if it's a hoop or horseshoe you would want it to be 8mm in diameter.  If it's a straight barbell then a 6mm post should work well.  Careful on the ball size though.  If the balls are too small it will open up the tissue and pull out.  I'd stick with 4 or 5mm balls.  You can have many piercing along the labia but make sure that the piercer is using jewelry that won't catch onto each other.  It's best to go with captives if you are getting multiple ones in one sitting.


 Outer Labia


This piercing should be done using either a captive or a straight barbell.  If it's a captive it needs to be 14 gauge with a 10mm diameter.  If a straight barbell, 1/2 inch at least with 5mm balls.  No smaller balls or it will open up your piercing and swallow them.  This one is a wee bit more than a pinch so be prepared for it to hurt.  The healing can be a bit sore but keeping it clean and using a warm cloth will help with that.  Expect it to take a couple of months to heal.  Unscented soap twice a day and a wipe with sea salts on a qtip will do the trick.  



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